At Last

Blouses, skirts, and parkas. Oh my! Aritzia has finally broadened its horizons to the world of e-commerce just in time for the holidays! Needless to say, this will be a dangerous threat to many shoppers and their bank accounts – including myself. Not too mention that they offer free shipping when you spend $100 or more (which isn’t hard to do) when you open a new account. Something tells me my account is about to hit rock bottom. It makes no difference that the mall is about a 15min drive away or even the fact that I practically live in it. Online shopping simply lacks the annoying buzz of public conversation and the competition between you and equally hopeful shoppers to find the last knitted lambswool sweater in an XS. That, and I’m disgustingly lazy. I think of it almost as a private boutique. It just sucks when your size is sold out anyway…

Maybe this will inspire Santa to put a few gifts from Aritzia under the tree alongside my Take Me With You Tote this year. Take note, Mr.Claus  😉

Gimme Gimme Never Gets


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