21-Day Yoga Challange

So I’ve decided to take the 21-Day yoga challenge with Yoga Journal. I don’t know much about the challenge and I still consider myself a beginner so the element of surprise will keep the daily activities fresh and exciting! Along with the daily instructional video and mediation comes a (usually vegetarian-friendly) recipe – and I have to say, they look pretty darn good. Speaking of yoga, I’ve been slightly obsessed with Lululemon’s Take Me With You Tote  and the fact that it can actually carry everything I need it to. Big deal. Just saying. If I’m lucky there will be a gift (or two!) from Lulu under the tree this year.

So I may not practice daily but I do try. Either way, here’s a small look at my favourite things to wear while in downward dog!<3

My Yoga Faves

Pure Balance Water Bottle / The Mat / Take Me With You Tote / Deep Thoughts Turban

Anyhoot! Until next time 😉

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  1. […] this will inspire Santa to put a few gifts from Aritzia under the tree alongside my Take Me With You Tote this year. Take note, […]

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