Oops… I did it again..

Soo.. once again I deserted my blog.. im sorry blog.. Well now its summer again, and I’ve got loads of time on my hands, I’m here! I took a photography course for the first half of my summer (summer school). it was pretty great I learned tons of things, got great pictures, and had a real great time too. I even made some friends. Haha, so wholesome. I hope to keep photography as a hobby, and if im serious ill go out and get a nice camera cause right now im just using a point and shoot. blah.. anyways, if you wanna take a look at that, *BING* here you go: My Shutterfly Share site. Magical, I know. Also if  you like, you can take a look at my friends sites.. or try to at least. I don’t know, ANYWAYS, ill be see’in yous peoples… later.


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