If you give a mouse a cookie..

I loved that book 😀 that’s why i was so happy  when i gave a mouse a cookie this morning. lol. i woke up to a tiny mouse running around in circles in my backyard, so i gave it bread! It was the cutest thing, and i gave it  very small piece of a cookie. It was running in circles for hours, i think something was wrong 😦 But just a couple feet away, a cicada came out of the ground! (those things that make noise in the summer), which is rare, they live in the ground for about 14-17 years and then they come out looking like giant flies. and it was fighting a wasp 😐  ..ANYWAYS, i started some of my Jonas projects. I did a lovely purple painting of Nick 😀 with inspiration from my aunty. I’ll post pictures of my Jonas art work, and my friendly mouse “Nut” (yes i named him) : )

One Response to “If you give a mouse a cookie..”
  1. You should not feed mice unless they are caged pets. Nut will get used to the snacks and will stick around instead of moving on to find food. He may actually move in to the house eventually and get into the kitchen– ick! Then you will have a whole other set of problems =(

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