My Dungeo- I Mean Room

Since i got kicked out of my old nice, big, spacious….beautiful, yes *cough*
I’ve been stuck in my old room my disastrous, small, insufficient….pitiful room.. ah, I don’t like it.

It has a rather home-y feeling to it, but it needs help.. I was put in the about a year ago and i still have a box that i haven’t unpacked, but that’s probably because there’s no place to put my things! I’m trying to do what I can to make it some what better.  Just don’t know what I’ll do about my closet, it’s way to small to fit all the hings I have. the problem is i can’t do much before school starts in about 2 weeks. There’s a contest on CityTv with Ikea offering a $15, 000 makeover. I planned on entering, hopefully they’ll save me, but if not I’m gonna have to find some money to get my room together D:

oh well.. I’ll be sure to post some pictures.

One Response to “My Dungeo- I Mean Room”
  1. I think you should enter the contest. You never know! Life may surprise you and pay you an awesome surprise. $15,000 is a lot of money for such a small space. Since you have less space to fill, you can pick out the more expensive stuff. =)

    As far as space challenges in your room, it sounds like you just need a lot of storage and multipurpose furniture (ex: a stool or chair that has storage space underneath, or a bed with drawers below.)

    Good luck on your re-decorating adventure. I look foward to the pictures.

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