Yahoo Answers

HEY! i managed to post something within a week! yay me 😀

Anyways, me being me; i’ve so far spent my entire day doing nothing important. i checked my emails an yahoo, and then i started answering questions on Yahoo Answers. This was about.. three hours ago. IM STILL ANSWERING QUESTIONS.

It’s so odd you answer one, and then you go to answer another and it just keeps going and going and going. Eventually i was like “What the hell am i doing? i might as well just make a bloody advice colu- wait a minute…” AND THEN I GOT IDEAS 😀

An advice column would be a lot of fun, but i don’t if i would be able to keep up with things if people actually used, but then again, they could always just go to Yahoo : )

Just a thought. I wanna know what you think. Comment or email.

2 Responses to “Yahoo Answers”
  1. An advice column, huh? I suppose it’s a neat little idea. I can see how it may easily turn into a forum after folks started to review and comment on your advice and each others.

    I think you should just blog about “whatever” instead. Maybe you could keep us posted on a project that you are working on or your quest to redecorate your room. You can tell us about the slow transformation, post some pics on Flickr… show BEFORE and AFTER shots. Even the details of an attempt to choose paint colours or furniture will spark a lot of conversation among your followers.

    It’s up to you in the end. Those are the types of things that I like to read on blogs. I prefer it to popular events or whatever is in the daily news. If I wanted to read about what was in the news, I would just watch television.

    Anyway, that was just my suggestion.

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