Too much work..

Alright you people gave me nothing, so i have no choice but to make what i call, an “expression” blog (i basically just talk about how i’ve been). 

I’ve recently returned to school from my winter vacations, and i’ve got a bunch of ISU’s due and exams and a little less than 2 weeks now. IM GONNA FREAK. It gonna be my first exam, and i know im not good when it comes to studying unless a study with a friend and some coffee. I was up till 2:15 last night working on a geography ISU. It consisted of 12 question of which i had to answer, and each answer needed to be at least one page long (it was due today). Finally after finishing my work..the laptop practically crashed, it was soo slow. I stayed up till 3 waiting for my document to save so i could send it to myself, but i still ended up handing in a half done repot. Sometimes i think im given just a little too much homework. Sometimes the amount of work i get i just crazy, then there is laundry (i have an insane amount of clothes plus my uniform), cleaning my room every saturday, projects, studying, watching my brothers, and trying to keep my social life in tact. Sometimes it just too much to handle and i end up slacking. I wanna hear about your work loads.. send me a message 😀


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