Hello! :D

OK i took a pretty long break there..i started and i never got an idea to come to me so i guess i stopped for a bit. Now that im back in school and im doing things i should be able to keep on track. So POINT is; “YOU STARTED THIS THING AND YOU HAVEN’T EVEN DONE ANYTHING, WHAT THE HELL?” (just like my youtube account no doubt) Well frankly, im not sure what i want to talk about right now – SO I WANT YOUR IMPUT : D  What do you want to talk about? What suggestions do you have? Im completely open to what you have to say. Let me know at shellypooha@yahoo.ca, and ill start posting! : )


BTW Happy New Year 😉

One Response to “Hello! :D”
  1. Kayla :) says:

    Hello! xD
    Just talk about… your life, I guess? That’s mostly what I do. And I rant a lot. @_@

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